Chapter 13 in profile – Impact of integrating OER in teacher education at the Open University of Sri Lanka


This week we profile Chapter 13 of the ROER4D edited volume by Shironica P. Karunanayaka and Som Naidu. Titled “Impact of integrating OER in teacher education at the Open University of Sri Lanka”, this chapter arises from research work undertaken in ROER4D sub-project 10.6, which investigated the impact of integrating OER in the teaching-learning process of student teachers through a capacity-building intervention programme. It examined the impact of OER integration on the use of instructional materials, pedagogical perspectives, and pedagogical practices of 230 student teachers at the Open University of Sri Lanka.

Findings indicate that the integration of OER had a substantial impact on changing teachers’ instructional resource use, pedagogical perspectives and pedagogical practices. The careful and systematic design of activities facilitated a shift from a “low” to a “high” degree of innovative use of instructional resources as well as creation of OER by teachers, while their pedagogical perspectives and practices shifted towards more constructivist, context-centric and collaborative patterns, as well as to a participatory and sharing culture, in favour of open educational practices.

Visit the sub-project web page to access more detail on the study, other outputs and a video interview with Lead Researcher Shironica Karunanayaka.

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