SP 9 – The Effectiveness of OER use in first-year higher education students’ logical-mathematical skills in Chile (Outputs)

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Westermann, W. (2017). Research in progress: Use of OER in developing the logical-mathematical, literacy, science and critical thinking skills of first year higher education students (ROER4D). Presentation at OEC Global Conference, Banff, Canada, April 2015. Retrieved from http://conference.oeconsortium.org/2015/presentation/research-in-progress-use-of-oer-in-developing-the-logical-mathematical-literacy-science-and-critical-thinking-skills-of-first-year-higher-education-students-roer4d/

Westermann, W. (2017). Effectiveness of OER use in students’ mathematical outcomes: A case study in Chile. Presented at Open Education Global Conference, 8-10 March 2017, Cape Town. Retrieved from https://www.slideshare.net/oeconsortium/effectiveness-of-oer-use-in-students-mathematical-outcomes-a-case-study-in-chile