SP10: Impact of OER – Case studies

Impact of the use of OER

Project outputs

Following an open competitive call for research on the impact of the use of OER on student performance or achievement, student retention, teacher practice, material quality and/or policy change, seven impact studies have been awarded. Please see the individual impact studies pages for project details including the research questions and impact hypotheses.

SP10.1: Engaging with the ‘world beyond’: the impact of OER on practices in teacher education institutions in East Africa

SP10.2: Impact of AVU OER in Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Somalia, Senegal, Zambia, Mozambique, Madagascar, Zimbabwe

SP10.3: OER in and as MOOCs: an analysis of impact on educators’ practices in African-developed higher education courses

SP10.4: Impact of the OER Darakht-e Danesh (“knoweldge tree”) Library on Educators in Afghanistan

SP10.5: Investigating the Impact of OER on Secondary and Tertiary Education in Pakistan

SP10.6: Impact of integrating OER in teacher education at the Open University of Sri Lanka

SP10.7: Impact of OER on Cost Analysis and Quality of Course Materials in Postgraduate Distance Education Courses in the Philippines