Chapter 9 in profile – Factors shaping lecturers’ adoption of OER at three South African universities


This week we profile Chapter 9 of the ROER4D edited volume by Glenda Cox and Henry Trotter. Titled Factors shaping lecturers’ adoption of OER at three South African universities, this chapter arises from research work undertaken in ROER4D sub-project 4 and focuses on the challenges and opportunities faced by three South African universities in adopting open educational resources. Addressing the research question “Why do South African lecturers adopt or not adopt OER?”, the study aims to determine how institutional culture affects lecturers’ OER creation and use choices, and which factors are most important in their choice to adopt or not adopt OER.

Findings indicate that a layered sequence of factors, represented by Cox and Trotter’s OER adoption pyramid, play an important role in determining whether and how OER adoption occurs in the studied universities. These factors are also themselves subject to the prevailing social and cultural norms in the institutions.

The dataset arising from the study is available on the DataFirst Data Portal. Visit the sub-project web page to access more detail on the study, other outputs and a video interview with Lead Researcher Glenda Cox.

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