ROER4D weekly update – 27 October 2017

Latest chapter from ROER4D research investigates teacher educators’ use of OER in East Africa
We are delighted to share the advance release of the latest chapter in the forthcoming edited volume OER Adoption and Impact in the Global South, due to be published at the end of 2017. The chapter entitled Teacher educators and OER in East Africa: Interrogating pedagogic change is authored by Freda Wolfenden, Pritee Auckloo, Alison Buckler and Jane Cullen. This study examines the use of OER in six teacher education institutions in three East African settings – Mauritius, Tanzania and Uganda – all of which had previous engagement with OER initiatives. The results of the study indicate that teacher educators’ understanding and use of OER is highly fragmented, and that numerous structural and cultural factors limit agency with regards to OER use. The authors offer recommendations for supporting and deepening engagement with OER.

Calling users of ROER4D research – participate in an Evaluation Survey
ROER4D is part of the Information and Networks in Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa (INASSA) programme, a four year initiative supported by the UK’s DFID and Canada’s IDRC. A team at Kallick Russell Consulting has been contracted to conduct an external evaluation to examine the overall programme’s performance and extract learnings for future work. The evaluation process includes a survey for stakeholders that have been able to directly or indirectly use products from the various INASSA projects. If you have used any of the outputs of the ROER4D project in any way, we kindly request your collaboration in completing this online questionnaire. The survey should only take 15-20 minutes to complete. The information collected will be confidential and analyzed in aggregate, so individual responses will not be shared. The deadline proposed by the evaluation team for receiving the completed questionnaires is 6 November. If you have any questions, please contact Manuel Acevedo at

ROER4D participates in OpenCon Cape Town satellite event
Members of the ROER4D Network presented at OpenCon Cape Town, a satellite event of Open Con, which was held 25 October at the University of Cape Town. ROER4D PI Cheryl Hodgkinson-Williams presented on Blurring the boundaries: Open research and open education in which, drawing on examples from the ROER4D projects, she discussed how the various aspects of open feed into and support each other. Glenda Cox presented on aspects of her ROER4D research in a presentation entitled What shapes lecturers’ adoption of OER in South African universities? while Thomas King presented on Postgraduate students as OER capacitators.

Digital storytelling – ICT for creating OER through collaborative school projects
Ranjani Ranganathan and Gurumurthy Kasinathan from IT for Change, the researchers behind ROER4D Sub-project 5, wrote an article entitled “Digital Storytelling, an ICT-based method of co-constructing and transacting curriculum” which has been published in the Journal Voices of Teachers and Teacher Educators from the National Council of Education Research and Training (NCERT). In their article, the authors describe digital storytelling projects that they have designed and implemented in collaboration with teachers and students from seven government high schools in Karnataka, and how digital storytelling has been an effective method to support student learning in different curricular areas, teacher professional development and the creation of OER. Apart from supporting participatory construction of curricular resources (which was the primary theme of Sub-project 5’s research), the article discusses how digital storytelling can connect the school to its community, encourage alternate narratives, strengthen the role of the teacher and the teacher-learner relationship, and make learning an integrated and holistic experience.

Next GO-GN webinar announced
The next webinar of the Global OER Graduate Network (GO-GN) is presented by TJ Bliss, Director of Development and Strategy at Wiki Education, and is entitled ‘An Unexpected Journey: How A Dissertation Changed a Life’. TJ Bliss will discuss his experiences that ultimately led to him being involved in the OER community and give an overview of his dissertation project “A Model of Digital Textbook Quality from the Perspective of College Students”. The webinar takes place 1 November 2017 at 9.00 MT (15.00 UK time).

All the best for this week

Cheryl Hodgkinson-Williams and the ROER4D Network Hub team.

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