ROER4D weekly update – 1 September 2017

Journal article: Open educational resources: removing barriers from within
A new article Open educational resources: removing barriers from within has been published in Distance Education. Authored by Sanjaya Mishra, Education Specialist at the Commonwealth of Learning and Lead Researcher for ROER4D Sub-project 3, the article “posits arguments against conflating OER and open education, questions the narrow definitions of OER, and raises issues around how to be more flexible and open to mainstreaming OER and removing barriers from within the OER movement”.

Webinar: Teachers’ Experience of Professional Learning through Open Education
The GO-GN Network is hosting its monthly webinar on 6 September at 12.00pm British Standard Time. The webinar is presented by Penny Bentley who is a PhD candidate at the University of Southern Queensland, Australia. Her research focus is Australian teachers’ experience of open education for professional learning, in the context of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education.

Year of Open September Perspective: What is Open Culture?
The Year of Open campaign organised by the Open Education Consortium has chosen Open Culture as its focus for the month. Open Culture is defined as the opportunity to access and use digital objects and artefacts that are traditionally available in museums, libraries, archives and gallery collections and the focus will be on hearing from people working in this space and opportunities for research and education.

OER Action plan invitation of the 2nd OER World Congress
The 2nd OER World Congress will be held 18-20 September 2017 in Slovenia, and the organisers have issued an invitation to the wider community to contribute to an OER Action Plan. The draft programme for the 2nd World OER Congress to be held in September 2017 is also now available. ROER4D PI Cheryl Hodgkinson-Williams along with members of the ROER4D Network Hub team will be attending the Congress.

OE Global 2018 call for proposals
The call for proposals is currently open with applications responding to the theme ‘Transforming Education through Open’ due by 23 October 2017. OE Global 2018 will take place from 24-26 April 2018 in Delft, the Netherlands, hosted by the Open Education Consortium and Delft University of Technology.

All the best for this week

Cheryl Hodgkinson-Williams and the ROER4D Network Hub team.

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