SP6: Co-creation of OER in Colombia

Collaborative co-creation of OER by teacher educators and teachers in south western Colombia: A Participatory Action Research study

Project overview
Project outputs

General objective: The research aims to study whether and how a bottom-up approach can support effective OER models, where  participants collaboratively and actively co-create contextual resources.

Specific Objectives:

  • What kind of processes would support a community of teachers in actively engaging with the creation and adaptation of a contextual and collaborative OER model?
  • What enabling conditions would encourage a wider adoption by peers of the contextually created resources within the community?
  • What new skills are needed to be built among teachers and teacher-educators to adopt a new learning culture?
  • How would local needs and contexts (local language, local culture, social issues, geographies, ecologies, needs, aspirations, priorities etc.) impact upon the universal (mostly defined through normative system of the global North) v/s local notions of ‘meaningfulness / quality’ of OER?
  • How would institutional and systemic factors interact with and influence the building of such a ‘participatory’ OER model within in the government/public system?


This research builds on the proposal presented by Gurumurthy Kasinathan from IT for Change to the ROER4D call of proposals. This means the Karisma Foundation initiative seeks to adapt and replicate key aspects of this proposal adapting it to the Colombian context that will be further discussed.

The study will be in the form of participatory action research with teachers who had previously benefited with government driven projects related to ICT appropriation in the south western region of Colombia and will be focused on their process of teachers as learners rather than them as teachers.

Project Leader: Maria del Pilar Saenz Rodriguez

Researcher: Ulises Hernandez Pino

Recipient Institution: Karisma Foundation

Estimated Duration: 18 months

Methodology: Participatory Action Research

Mentor: Dr Savithri Singh

Project outputs
Sáenz, M. P., Pino, U. H. and Hernandez, Y. M. (2015). From copyright restriction to the possibilities of using CC licences in K12 education in Colombia: Preliminary findings of the coKREA project. Presentation at OEC Global Conference 2015, Banff, Canada, April 2015.