SP 3 – Academics’ views on sharing OER in India (Outputs)

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Part of the research project involved organising four workshops on OER for Development to train about 130 teachers in Indian Univeristies to understand OER and participate in research process. Resources, in the form of presentations, from the workshops are available at the links below:

Workshops 1 & 2 Resources
Workshop 3 Resources

Workshop 4 Resources

Journal Articles
Mishra, S., Sharma, M., Sharma, R. C., Singh, A. & Thakur, A. (2016). Development of a Scale to Measure Faculty Attitude towards Open Educational Resources. Open Praxis, 8(1). Retrieved from http://openpraxis.org/index.php/OpenPraxis/article/view/236

Mishra, S. (2017). Promoting Use and Contribution of Open Educational Resources. New Delhi, India: Commonwealth Educational Media Centre for Asia

Other outputs:
Sharma, R. C., Thakur, A., Sharma, M. and Mishra, S. (2015). Teachers’ Perception of Open Educational Resources: Data Collection through Workshops (ROER4D).

 Mishra, S. (2017). Higher Education Faculty Perceptions of Quality of Open Educational Resources in India. Presented at Open Education Global Conference, 8-10 March 2017, Cape Town. Retrieved from https://www.slideshare.net/oeconsortium/higher-education-faculty-perceptions-of-quality-of-open-educational-resources-in-india

Last updated 13 July 2015