As part of the ROER4D Open Data Initiative, the Curation and Dissemination team undertook to support interested ROER4D sub-projects in published all or part of their datasets as Open Data. In total six projects were able to publish data openly through DataFirst. Subsequent to the publication of the edited volume, a seventh dataset comprising the data that underpinned the meta-synthesis process described in Chapter 2 of the edited volume was uploaded.  These datasets can be viewed on the ROER4D page on the DataFirst portal, or accessed below.

Chapter 2 – Factors influencing Open Educational Practices and OER in the Global South: Meta-synthesis of the ROER4D project

Chapter 3 – OER use in the Global South: A baseline survey

Chapter 6 – Effectiveness of OER use in students’ mathematical outcomes: A case study of first-year higher education students in Chile

Chapter 9 – Factors shaping lecturers’ adoption of OER at three South African universities

Chapter 10 – MOOCs in and as OER

Chapter 12 – Higher education faculty attitude, motivation and perception of quality and barriers to OER in India

Chapter 15 – An early-stage impact study of OER in Afghanistan

Separately to this process, sub-project 6 shared their data openly on the coKrea website, in Spanish.