Chapter 3 in profile – OER use in the Global South


This week we profile Chapter 3 of the ROER4D edited volume by José Dutra de Oliveira Neto, Judith Pete, Daryono and Tess Cartmill.

Titled “OER use in the Global South: A cross-regional survey”, this chapter arises from research work undertaken in ROER4D sub-project 2 and addresses two main questions: What proportion of instructors in the Global South have used OER, and which variables may account for different OER usage rates between respondents? This is done by examining which variables – such as gender, age, technological access and digital proficiency – seem to influence OER use.

FIndings indicate that 51% of respondents have used OER, a rate slightly differentiated by region: 49% in South America, 46% in Sub-Saharan Africa, and 56% in South and Southeast Asia. OER use is predicated upon instructors enjoying a minimum level of access to information communication technologies, which can be viewed as an enabling rather than motivating factor for OER engagement.

The dataset arising from the study is available on the DataFirst Data Portal. Visit the sub-project web page to access more detail on the study, other outputs and a video interview with Lead Researcher José Dutra de Oliveira Neto.

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