ROER4D weekly update – 22 September 2017

ROER4D team attend the 2nd World OER Congress
ROER4D PI Cheryl Hodgkinson-Williams attended the 2nd OER World Congress which was held 18-20 September in Lbuljana, Slovenia and as part of a group discussion session ‘Ensuring inclusive and equitable access to quality OER’ presented on ‘Degrees of social inclusion: Perspectives from the ROER4D project’. She has also recorded a video for the Congress, and she and ROER4D team members Tess Cartmill, Thomas King and Michelle Willmers distributed a briefing paper entitled Spotlight on OER policy in the Global South: Case studies from the Research on Open Educational Resources for Development (ROER4D) project. ROER4D Network members Savithri Singh and Werner Westerman also attended the Congress.

Ljubljana OER Action Plan 2017 adopted to support quality OER
Delegates from 111 countries attending the Second World OER Congress adopted by acclamation the 2017 Ljubljana OER Action Plan. The 2017 Ljubljana OER Action Plan provides recommendations to stakeholders in five strategic areas: building the capacity of users to find, re-use, create and share OER; language and cultural issues; ensuring inclusive and equitable access to quality OER; developing sustainability models; and developing supportive policy environments.

Blog interview about Open Access Advocacy
In this thought-provoking blog interview, Leslie Chan from the Open and Collaborative Science Network project (OCSDNet) discusses his personal experience and insights resulting from working in an open access advocacy space. Of particular note are his thoughts and insights that sometimes an advocacy initiative may end up far from its original intentions.

OpenEd17 Conference programme available
The 14th Annual Open Education Conference (OpenEd17) which is scheduled to be held 11-13 October in Anaheim, California has published the conference programme and is currently open for registration. Henry Trotter and Sukaina Walji will be attending from the ROER4D Network Hub team with Henry presenting a paper entitled ‘Degrees of social inclusion: emerging insights from the ROER4D project’.

OE Global 2018 call for proposals
The call for proposals is currently open with applications responding to the theme ‘Transforming Education through Open’ due by 23 October 2017. OE Global 2018 will take place from 24-26 April 2018 in Delft, the Netherlands, hosted by the Open Education Consortium and Delft University of Technology.

OER World Map invites feedback
The team behind the OER World Map is calling for input into expanding the range of services it offers. Users of the map are invited to add their ideas to the current list of possible new services and categories.

All the best for this week

Cheryl Hodgkinson-Williams and the ROER4D Network Hub team.

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