ROER4D weekly update 27 January 2017

New book on promoting use and contribution of OER
Sub-project 3 Lead Researcher and Education Specialist (e-Learning) at the Commonwealth of Learning (COL) Sanjaya Mishra is the author of a recently published book ‘Promoting use and contribution of open educational resources ’ – an output of Sub-project 3’s research. The book features research on OER use and contribution conducted at Commonwealth Educational Media Centre for Asia (CEMCA) which involved teachers at four Indian universities. It indicates some interesting results including the need for a systematic approach to mainstreaming OER in Indian higher education.

Webinar on growing open data in Africa

The e/Merge Africa network is hosting an online event on open data comprising asynchronous discussion and two webinars. The event will consider why open data is important and what some of the global and local drivers of the growing open data movement are. The webinar also considers who is currently engaging in sharing open data in Africa and whose interests does it serve to do so. The webinars are presented by Nodumo Dhlamini, Association of African Universities and Thomas King, ROER4D’s Data Administrator and Curation Specialist. Thomas will share ROER4D’s experiences of publishing open data and provide advice for researchers who are just getting started with curating and sharing their data and will consider ethical, contractual and other practical issues. The event runs 6-10 February 2017.

Creative Commons opens consultation on draft strategy to grow global movement
The Creative Commons community is opening a consultation on its draft strategy to support a strong and growing global movement. The proposal is part of a community-led process that began at the Global Summit in Seoul, South Korea in October 2015. Today we are opening a two-month consultation period with the broader CC community. The final proposal will be revised and finalized at the Global Summit in Toronto from April 28-30, 2017.

US Department of state releases Open Licensing Playbook
The U.S. Department of State has released the Federal Open Licensing Playbook, a list of considerations, use cases, and recommendations for federal departments interested in developing and implementing open license requirements on federally-funded grant projects. It is designed to assist efforts to maximize the impact of grant funds, and create opportunities for innovation and collaborative practices using federally-funded resources.The Federal Open Licensing Playbook has been released into the public domain using the CC0 Public Domain Dedication, which means it can be freely reused, customized, and updated by anyone, anywhere in the world, with no restrictions. Creative Commons plans to repurpose the Playbook for use with other governments who also want to ensure publicly funded resources areopenly licensed.

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